Omicron Vape Pen Review

omicron vape pen

The Omicron Vape Pen is one of the top vaporizer pens on the market for oils and wax concentrates.

I have used a lot of different vape pens out there for solid concentrates, but I have to say that I keep coming back to this one because of it’s great design, crazy good battery life, and performance.

When it comes to the brand of portables vapes, Omicron makes just flat out quality products and provides trusted service, which is kind of hard to find in the oil concentrate vaporizer industry.

Just a forewarning – this puppy packs a punch, so if you’ve got “girly” lungs, it’s time to man up.

TL;DR Verdict

How It Works

The Omicron vaporizer pen, or Omicron vape pen for short, provides a functionality and experience suited for any vaporizer experience level. You can either be a pro or just starting out, it doesn’t matter.

The ceramic bowl is the heart of the Omicron vape pen and it ensures that you’ll get your money’s worth – there’s no reason this vape pen can’t last you for years to come.

It operates off a cartridge system, and you can either get the cartridges pre-filled or you can load them yourself.

For those of you that want to load it up yourselves (which is what I do), it comes with a steel loading rod and a funnel which provides an overall efficient cartridge refill process.

There’s not really a learning curve associated with loading it up, but the first time may get a little annoying because you have to piece the whole thing together, seeing that just about every piece can be removed (this is awesome for cleaning though).

All you have to do it screw it together, drop the battery in, and get your vape on.

Heat Settings

Omicron has the process of concentrate vaporizing down pat. The muscle of the Omicron is a Nichrome wire that heats up to 440°F and is quick to impress with almost instantaneous vaporizing.

There are a few different heat settings that you can set it to:
  • 1.5 Ohms – For Hard Solid Concentrates
  • 2.4 Ohms – For Normal Solid Concentrates (Recommended)
  • 5.0 Ohms – For More Pliable Solid Concentrates

Battery Life

Omicron leaves the rechargeable battery configuration choice up to us which makes it extra versatile.

You can either go with a two 3.7 volt batteries or just one 6 volt battery.

Whichever you choose to go with, all you have to do is make sure to hit the little button and heat up the cartridge for about 3-5 seconds before you take a drag. I like to touch the cartridge lightly as I’m holding down the button to make sure it’s getting a good bake.

One of the best things I love about the Omicron vape pen is that if your batteries are fully charged and you follow the recommended pre-heating time of 3-5 seconds, you’re looking at about 200 individual uses (some reported over 400) which is an impressive amount of efficiency by any standard.

What’s In the Box

the omicron vape

  • Aluminum Shell
  • Aluminum Top
  • Battery Cap
  • 2 3.7v LiMN Batteries
  • A 2.4 Ohm Extract Cartridge
  • Aluminum Mouthpiece
  • Fill Tool
  • Battery Charger
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual

The most impressive thing that’s included is a limited lifetime guarantee. The guarantee is basically Omicron saying “Yeah, this thing is awesome.”

They have really awesome customer service.

How to Take Care of It

Just about every piece of the Omicron vape pen can be removed with a simple screw that makes cleaning really easy.

All you have to do is take it apart, grab some q-tips and Isopropyl Alcohol and clean out the electrical contact points and the threads. It’s not rocket science.

Personally I do this about once a week and it takes me about 5-10 minutes.

Just as a sidenote, you want to make sure that whatever you use to clean it, make sure that it’s fully dry before you put it together again. I love using a dry microfiber cloth like these to dry everything.

Final Thoughts and Pro Tips

Honestly, this vape pen is money well spent. I’ve used the Trippy Stick before I got my hands on this one and it just doesn’t even compare to the Omicron vape pen in any sense.

The flavor you get it amazing, it’s quality made, the company stands behind their product, it’s easy to clean, and it’s battery and cartridge life is balls to the wall.

Again, just another fair warning – 5 good rips off this thing and you’ll be in a really good mood really fast, so take it easy.