G Pen Vaporizer Review

g pen vape reviewAs you may know, I’m a huge fan of portable vaporizers.

Vape pens, however, take “portability” to a whole new level though. You can slide these bad boys in your pocket and can literally forget about them 5 minutes later since they’re so light.

With that being said, there are lots of vaporizer pens on the market claiming to be the “latest and greatest”, so seeing if they stack up to the hype is super important to me, as it should be to you.

The first one on the chopping block is the G Pen by Grenco Science and here’s my G Pen Vaporizer review.

Batter up.

TL;DR Verdict

How It Works

Here’s a little video to help give you a visual of my G Pen Vaporizer review:

Starting off on my G Pen Vaporizer review, the G Pen only works with essential oils and waxes, so dry herbs are out of the equation.

Once you get the G Pen, it’s charged up and ready to go out of the box. Unlike a few other vaporizer pens in the market, there aren’t any confusing directions and that’s one of the things I liked from the start when I got it.

All you do is just open up the box and it’s ready to go.

Sterilize It First

Once it’s out, I would recommend sterilizing it since it’s brand new and will still have some of the manufacturing oils still in it, so you want to get those melted off so you can have a good, clean first vape.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Press the button 5 times to turn it on
  2. Hold the button and wait until the automatic shut-off kicks in (look under the pen for the blue light to start blinking and then turn off)
  3. Repeat this 3-5 times

After you’re done sterilizing, you’re ready to load it.

Start Right, End Better

g pen vaporizer reviewSlide off the top cover of the G Pen.

There, you’ll see a little plastic storage cap on the very top of the tank that you want to take off using a vape tool or whatever else you can jimmy it off with.

By taking this off, it’s going to allow you access to the heating chamber/tank where you will put in your favorite wax or essential oils.

After you’ve done that, put in whatever you’d like (remember, no dry herbs).

A few important tips before you take your first vape:

  • Use a vape tool. I’d recommend using a vape tool (or some tweezers) in order to take out an amount of wax that looks to be a little smaller than the size of the hole in the middle. You can use your fingers to roll it up into a ball if you’d like but the tool that the G Pen comes with works great.
  • Get the threads wet. You don’t want the threads dry at any point. Start off by putting a little wax or oil in the center heating chamber and allow it to melt into the threads.
  • Your first draw. After you load up, hold the button for a few seconds before you take your first drag. This allows for it to re-moisten the wicks.
  • Don’t overfill oils. Since oils expand when heated, don’t overfill it. Start off with about 50% and see how it goes from there.

After you’re all filled up and ready to go, put back on the plastic storage cap to prevent any leakage and slide the main cap back on.

Then just hold the button for however long you want and let go when you’re done.  After 10 seconds though, the auto shut-off will kick in to prevent overheating, so just a heads up for all you crazy “vapers” out there.

Heat Settings

The G Pen is set to maintain a solid and even temperature at just a little under 400°F, which is pretty standard for vaporizer pens.

Battery Life

The battery is made with an inert-nickel/aluminum-alloy coil and can last up to around 400 hits which is pretty amazing.

It takes around 2-4 hours to fully charge the battery.

What’s In the Box

  • 1 G Tank
  • 1 G Tool
  • 1 Wall Charger
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 2 Essential Oil Containers

How to Take Care of It

Since the G Pen takes oils, you need to keep after it a little bit more than you would an herbal vaporizer.


One good tip I can give you is try to keep the pen upright at much as you can because if you lay it down on the side, it’s been known to leak a little.

g pen has dual quartz atomizersScrew Threads

For the screw threads, just use some alcohol solution and you’ll be fine. What this does is make sure a consistent amount of electricity runs through to the wicks.

Mouth Piece Clogging

From time to time, this pen may clog up from the build up of residue but it’s not a huge deal because it’s an easy fix. All you need to do is turn it upside while holding on to the button so it heats up and the residue will just run out.

Another solution is to take off the mouth piece and drop in a cleaning solution and just let it soak overnight (Personally, I use a little Vodka). The next morning, just rinse it out and it should be squeaky clean.

Final Thoughts and Pro Tips

Wrapping up my G Pen Vaporizer review, Ill say that one of the things that I like about vaporizer pens is that they are really discrete and ultra-portable. The G Pen is one of the best for the price.

Granted, any type of vaporizers that take oils/waxes can sometimes get messy, but that’s with almost any vaporizer pen you choose.

For the quality and the price, if you’re looking to check out a good “starter” vape pen to get you going, the G Pen should definitely be on your hit list and I would definitely recommend it.