G Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

Probably best known for their popular G Pen, Grenco Science has been pushing pens since 2011, right when vaping starting becoming really mainstream.

Well, now they jump into the new era of vaping with their latest unit – the G Pen Elite.

In our G Pen Elite vaporizer review, we take a closer look and see how it stacks to other newer vapes on the market.

TL;DR Verdict


Size & Feel

Instead of taking their base G Pen or G Pro models and tweaking them, Grenco Science has decided to start from scratch.

the gpen elite has a nice feel to it
The G-Pen Elite has a nice, even feel to it.

The new design fits really nice in your hand and has slight grooves. Impossible to not get a good grip on this.

I also like the weight of it. It’s not too heavy/light, has a good durable feel to it, and is very portable. Pocket, briefcase, purse, backpack – whatever.

Getting Going

Before you start, make sure to charge it for 3 hours.

After it’s charged up, remove the mouthpiece and load in your herbs.

twist the moutpiece to get started with the g pen elite portable vaporizer
Promise I ain’t tossing up a gang sign here.

Press the power button 5 times (same # of times to turn off).

You’ll then see the large LED screen on the side of the unit light up and show you the temperature and battery life.

To change the temperature, simply use the two buttons located on the side of the display.

turning on the g pen
Turning on the G Pen.

Starting your sesh takes about 30 seconds which is a huge difference when compared with the G Pro, a variation on the G Pen that takes a whopping four minutes or more to fully heat up.

All you do is pick any temperature between 200° and 428°F (93° and 220°C) and hold the front button down for 1 second, release and wait.

Once you see that the temperature you chose has been reached, start inhaling.

The G Pen Elite is a nifty little cross between conduction and convection heating, but I consider it to be conduction mostly. In the oven, the sides heat up to get a nice even vape, but the air flow holes along the bottom add a nice air path to let a good amount of air through.

Huge Bowl Size – A great addition to the G Pen Elite is the ginormous bowl it packs. You get a whopping .75 grams of space to play with. If you’re into group sessions, definitely a good feature to have.



  • Sleek look
  • Good value
  • 10-30 second heat-up time, depending on how hot
  • Durability
  • Largest fully ceramic chamber on the market
  • Mesh screen gets clogged easy
  • Vapor production isn’t the best
  • Plastic mouthpiece may melt if you’re constantly using it on 428°F
  • Conduction vape, despite how it’s marketed
  • Recharging time


So to wrap up my G Pen Elite review, I do think this is a pretty solid “value vape” for what you get like the huge bowl, build and portability, but I think it’s going to come down to 2 things: whether you want a conduction vape and your budget.

If you have the extra scratch, it’s better to go with those top tier heavy hitters like the FireFly or the Pax units, but if cost is prohibiting you from laying that much out, I’d still snatch this up.

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