DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

davinci iq portable vaporizerDaVinci impressed everyone with the DaVinci Ascent vaporizer a few years ago, and with the DaVinci IQ, that ascent to vaping ecstasy continues.

The IQ sets itself apart from the rest of the herd by simply focusing on the qualities that vapers truly want and care about – flavor and quality. You won’t find any of the cute designs and passing fads or gimmicks that other companies may use to sell their overpriced vapes.

The DaVinci IQ focuses on flavor and quality by using zirconia mouthpieces and giving users a free smartphone app. We’ll talk more about zirconia and the app a little later.

There are multiple presets and precision heating to ensure you are vaping the way you want to. The IQ has been highly anticipated around here, so let’s just dig in and see what we’ve got here.

TL;DR Verdict


While there is some truth to a vaporizer being a personal choice, the fact is, you don’t want to waste your hard earned money on some shady POS that will leave you pissed and broke. For our DaVinci IQ vaporizer review, we focused on taste and quality.

The most important thing to any vape is to have a good, clean taste to your herbs, while bypassing the toxins so you can enjoy a crisp flavor that makes you wanting more.

The other thing to look for in any vape purchase is build quality. There is an oversupply of shitty, knock-off vapes on the market these days, and while you may think you’re getting a deal, you’re not.

DaVinci IQ Overview

the davinci iq has an iphone app where you can control everythingRight off the bat, the first thing you notice about the DaVinci IQ is the heft of the unit. The solid weight and balance are an indicator of good quality. If your vape feels light and cheap, then it most likely is.

The outer shell of the IQ is made from Sand-blasted Anodized Aluminum and comes in four colors: Blue, Copper, Stealth, and Gunmetal.

The layout of the DaVinci IQ is both simple and intuitive for both new users and experienced vapers. As with many vaporizers, the IQ gives us a simple LED interface on the front with control buttons along the right side of the device, battery on the left side, and a charging port on the backside. The top and bottom feature the mouthpiece and chamber, both with easy to use magnetic-closing lids.

Meet Zirconia – Your New Best Friend

The mouthpiece and some of the pats used in the DaVinci IQ are made from a material known as zirconia.

Basically, zirconia is a very dense material that is non-magnetic, has low thermal conductivity, and an ability to deal with temperatures upwards of 2,400ºC (4,352° F). The high wear and tear resistance coupled with this high-temperature capability gives zirconia the best of the ceramic and steel worlds.

Both the extended and flat mouthpieces that come with the IQ are made of zirconia.

This will give you one of the cleanest hits of any vaporizer material – similar to ceramic, but better.

To take advantage of the high-temperature capacity of the zirconia. the DaVinci IQ vaporizer uses a zirconia pearl to help heat up the chamber for efficiency through reflection.

The pearl also does a great job at helping to heat up the herb that tends to get missed along the bottom and sides of the chamber.

Effect? Fatter hits and an amazing, robust flavor.

Extra Flavorful Features

The vapor path of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer runs along the side of the unit, through the zirconia air path, and then into your zirconia mouthpiece. The zirconia air path is actually what DaVinci calls a flavor chamber.

This flavor chamber can be left empty or filled with extra herb to enhance the flavor. The herbs placed in the flavor chamber will not burn, but as the vapor travels past this fresh herb, it will grab some of the flavor. In addition to that, the basic design of the flavor chamber works to cool down and enhance flavor and purity.

As for the heating presets and the Smart Path, the DaVinci IQ ensures that you can (attempt to) control every moment of your session.

how to use your smartphone to connect to to the davinci iq

In my findings, the DaVinci app works when it wants to and isn’t reliable.

I have an iPhone and installed the app, but when it came time to connect it to the IQ, it wasn’t reliable.

A few others agreed:

In my opinion, the less moving parts, the better, but if you do decide on using the smartphone app (Apple or Android), you basically create a Smart Path that will control the temperature of your session as it goes on.

For example, let’s look at a basic five-minute session.

You can begin with a slow heat up for a couple minutes, followed by a more aggressive heating for a few minutes to produce giant clouds of beautiful vapor.

Once you have the Path you’re cool with, just name it and save it for next time. You can set as many Smart Paths as you like on the app.


  • Just as we expected, the DaVinci IQ is a high-quality portable vaporizer for those of you that want to get serious about your sessions. This doesn’t mean it isn’t accessible to the newbie, as the user interface and controls are intuitive and about as easy as it comes.
  • The zirconia pieces are a great upgrade from ceramic and retain the full, rich flavor of your herbs. Giving us the option to enhance our sessions even more with the flavor chamber was a fun surprise and the Smart Paths will give you lots to play with when you’re bored.
  • Not shitting you, but there really isn’t a lot to not like here. I personally prefer a more portable unit, but with the DaVinci IQ coming in less than 4 inches high, it can easily be used on the go and discreetly. The Smart Paths can seem a bit confusing to the new user, but with time and some trial and error, it can be easy to learn for anyone.

The Bottom Line

The DaVinci IQ vaporizer is a great way to enjoy the full flavor of your herbs. The super-durable zirconia pieces mean you won’t be replacing parts anytime soon and you know DaVinci isn’t some fly by night company.

When all’s said and done, this is most definitely a top tier portable and is money well spent.

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