5 Anti-Smoking Commercials That’ll Make You Think (and Laugh)

Look, I’m not gonna sit here and lecture you on whether you should smoke or not so I’ll let a few of my favorite PSA’s do the talking for me.

Here are some of my favorites…

Social Farting Just Isn’t the Same

Some of the best commercials always come outside out the states, I swear.

This one stems out of Canada and cleverly equates “social smoking” with letting a good one rip.

The girl in the commercial is trying to show folks how she’s not really screwing up her health because she’s a “social farter” who only farts with her friends at parties or on weekends.

The fact is that coming up with any excuse to smoke ain’t cutting it anymore with so many different healthier ways to get the same fix.

The “It’s Not You. It’s Me.” Routine

Ya, a little dramatic, I know…but a very real world situation.

In this ad by The Truth, it starts off with a 6-year-old girl talking about how she doesn’t really like when her mother smokes.

As it continues, an older version of the same girl talks about how she develops asthma and eventually drives it home with her mom dying of lung cancer while she picks up the habit and starts smoking herself (while pregnant, may I add).

While I totally get the over-played and controversial angle here, I think it’s important to understand that if you are a smoker, just do your best to keep this stuff in mind next time you light up, man.

There’s just no point in risking someone else’s health just because you want to risk yours.

Your Kids Will Hate You

This happened to me all the time when I was just a wee lad…pretty sure it was because of the hell I unleashed on my poor parents, but it worked.

This Australian commercial features a toddler who loses his mother in a railroad station and just starts balling his eyes out (kinda like I did).

What makes this ad so “effective” is the genuine emotion on the face of the little boy. While I think they legitimately dropped off that kid in the middle of a crowded rail station so that he could cry like that, it made a point to show all the parents out there how much it would suck for their kids, regardless of the age, if something were to end up happening to them because of smoking.

Taking Your Own Advice

The creators of this ad sent out litte kids onto the mean streets with unlit cigarettes asking smoking strangers if they can get a light.

As each adult they approach gives them a stern lecture on the dangers of smoking, they’re completely oblivious to the fact that they’re ironically exposing themselves to the same crap going in their lungs.

Even though parents/people can be hypocritical as hell, they need take a page out of their own book sometimes and do some reflection.

Smoking Just Straight Up Kills

In this UK anti-smoking advert, a carpet installer inadvertently stomps the crap out of a girl’s pet hamster because he mistakenly thought he had carpeted over his package of cigarettes.

No preaching here – just funny.

What’s the Point?

Aside from some minor guilt trips and a few laughs, I mostly wanted to post this to remind all smokers to give vaping a try if they haven’t already.

Lots of vaping options on the table these days…